Top Christmas Flowers and What They Mean

Your trusted Grand Rapids florist shares the top christmas flowers and what they represent so you can make the ideal choices for your holiday decor.

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The holiday season is a time for celebrating with friends and family. Exchanging gifts and decorating with festive christmas flowers have been beloved traditions for ages. When selecting the perfect holiday flowers and plants to brighten your home this Christmas, consider adding a thoughtful touch by choosing flowers that symbolize the spirit of the season. 

Your trusted Grand Rapids florist shares the top christmas flowers and what they represent so you can make the ideal choices for your holiday decor.


The brilliant red leaves of the poinsettia are practically synonymous with Christmas. From christmas centerpiece flowers to decorative houseplants, poinsettias are everywhere during the season. The traditional Christmas bloom stands for good cheer and success. Send christmas flowers as a gift of encouragement with poinsettia or add a pop of festive color to your own decor.


With its pointy leaves and red berries, holly is an easily recognized christmas plant. It has been associated with the winter holidays since Roman times. The prickly leaves and crimson berries symbolize the crown of thorns and the blood of Christ. Use holly in your Christmas arrangements, wreaths, and garlands as a meaningful decoration full of religious significance.


Nothing says christmas blooming plants quite like mistletoe. Hang a sprig above your doorway to steal a kiss from loved ones old and new. This parasitic plant represents friendship and affection. Let it inspire you to spread kindness and bring people together this holiday season. For the perfect finishing touch, intertwine mistletoe into your holiday wreaths and table arrangements.


Large, trumpet-shaped holiday flowers on tall stalks make amaryllis plants instant seasonal showstoppers. They come in festive shades like red, pink, and white. Give one of these striking red christmas flowers as a gift or use them in your own decor for a bold pop of color. Amaryllis conveys pride, determination, and radiant beauty - an uplifting presence during the holidays.

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus thrives indoors and produces beautiful flowers in late fall and winter. Plant one for a low-maintenance holiday plant that blooms freely in shades of red, pink, white, and more. True to its name, it’s ideal for providing an extra burst of holiday cheer. Give one to new homeowners or college students away from family this year. The Christmas cactus symbolizes warmth and comfort.


Commonly called “mums,” chrysanthemums come in a wide variety of colors and bloom shapes. These perennial favorites embody optimism and joy. Brighten up your entryway by lining the front steps with cheerful potted mums in festive colors like deep red flowers for christmas. Add them to your table centerpieces and Christmas flower delivery in Grand Rapids bouquets to spread happiness this season. They’re one of the most versatile flowers for christmas.


The delicate cyclamen produces abundant flowers for christmas and arrow-shaped leaves. Renewal and optimism are the essence of this living gift. Place cyclamen plants around the home in coordinating white, red, and pink shades for a soft, romantic look. They also make thoughtful hostess or sympathy gifts from your nearby florist in Wyoming mi. Remember to water them consistently to encourage more blooms.

No matter which symbolic plants you select, adorning your home with seasonal flowers and greens creates an inviting space for celebrating with loved ones. For festive christmas flower delivery in Grand Rapids and custom arrangements, contact your trusted local florist, Southside Flower Market. Happy holidays from our team to yours!